A relationship that you value may be over but what if you don’t believe and you know that it can be reconciled? Maybe you are asking yourself how to get your ex back. Although it might seem that he does not want anything to do with you, it is still possible that the relationship can be mended. If you can think about what the problem was and fix what needs to be fixed, the relationship can get back to normal. Wanting him back after a break up is not bad but when he has already moved on and is dating someone it becomes a challenge. This is how to get your ex back.

Do not be jealous; before learning how to get your ex back you should start by understanding that talking badly about him may not be healthy for reconciliation. Jealousy is something that once it enters into a relationship all the hopes for reconciliation can be lost. If you talk about all the negative features about him he will not take you seriously. In fact, this might change his feelings about you forever. If you really want him back do not go down this road. Never speak poorly of them. Just make a promise to yourself that you will not.

Establish space; the effects of breaking up are always serious within the first few weeks after the relationship is believed to be over. If you are responsible for the break up steer clear of him for some time. You should not be begging like someone who is lost. Groveling is not attractive at all. You have to buckle down and give time so that dust may settle. At this times, you should reflect and carefully think over if the relationship can still work. 

Reestablish contact; although the power of getting an ex back often relies on a man at times it forces a woman to do so. When it comes to getting your ex back you should pursue him with a lot of passion, determination, and devotion without forcing him into doing anything that he is not willing to do. You have to prove to him that the relationship is worth it and the two of you should give each other another chance. A good step is to call him especially after two weeks when you two are level headed. You should show a genuine concern over the phone and use a few hero instinct phrases to trigger his emotions to want you back.

Be friendly; Being friendly to him might seem to be the wrong move if you want to get him back but it is a very important thing to do. As soon as possible, start becoming friends with your ex and accept all his other relationships. Let him know that you are fine with his new relationship. Never show much interest to his new relationships. In fact, treat him like you would do to any other friend. By doing this, you will be building trust that you once shared. This will establish a strong connection that will help you once you are together again.

Final thought

Getting your ex back should not be as hard as some people may think. If you plan well and pay close attention to what you are doing, you will definitely have him back. However, avoid being jealous as this will not work instead, be friendly and give them space. There you have it how to get your ex back.